Entertainment — January 23, 2019 at 3:24 PM

Does El Salvador safe for Americans?

The El Salvador is a smallest country and it is located in Central America and it has the biggest reputation. The El Salvador is the safest place for the tourists to visit. But also it is required for you to know all the warning before visiting over there. Because it is also well known for the high crime rate and a gang violence that is taking place over there frequently.

The interesting places in El Salvador

The attractive places and the features of El Salvador acts as the best example that proves how safe is El Salvador is to live

  • It is the place where you can find out the reputation luscious mountains, rainforest and the broad of valleys with the incredible volcanoes and the black sand beaches along with its perfect surg.
  • It has the American school community and the current community is fully filled up with the different people. The neighborhood for the international teachers that is gated off from the school has its own guards protecting the gate from the street.
  • The water is warm and the waves that have been present in it are consistent and there are no sharks.
  • You would get a golden chance for you to taste the different varieties of foods as like pupusas along with the plantain and other stuffings.
  • It is the peaceful place where the crows are much smaller so you can stay peacefully.
  • This place is well known for you to conduct the get together during your weekends as well as it is the best place for your partner to call and go there and impress them.

El Salvador safe

The climate is really impressive and you can able to feel summer all year around. You can able to find out a dry season as well as the rainy seasons. When you go during the rainy season it would be pretty consistency overall it has an amazing climate set up.

The other side of El Salvador

As like it have a lot of plus points it also has a negative side so it is well and good for you to know how dangerous is El Salvador, when you read you would find out a lot of gangs and violence taking places over there. All this news that you hear is true and it is the ugly part that you really want to know. So when you are planning there is a need for you to think everything about it.

It is safe to travel to El Salvador because there one can able to find out a lot of interesting places and it welcomes all people in the world. There you can able to find out a large and attractive great volcano, it has a beautiful crater lakes, this place suits best for you to go for a camping, it is fully filled up with the attractive beaches and it acts as the best place where you can able to view a lot of fabulous things in the same place. The cost of the living would be cheap and best for the American to live.